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    Diamond saw blade

    Release Time:2023-04-27 09:37:27

    Diamond saw blade is a kind of cutting tool, widely used in stone material, ceramic and other hard brittle materials processing. The diamond saw blade is mainly composed of two parts: the substrate with the cutting head. Matrix is main support part of the binding cutter, cutting and cutting head is in use process, will consume but constantly in use of the cutting tools, the substrate is not, can cut the role because of the cutting tools with diamond, diamond, as the most hard material, it is friction in the cutter for cutting the processing object, but it is the metal wrapped in the diamond particles inside of the cutting tools.

    (a) manufacturing process classification

    1, the sintering diamond saw blade: divide into two kinds, cold-press sintering and hot pressing sintering pressing sintering.

    2, welding diamond saw blade: is divided into high frequency welding and laser welding, high frequency welding by high temperature melting medium will be welded together with the matrix of the cutting tools, laser welding laser beam through the high temperature will contact with the substrate edge melt forming metallurgical bonding of the cutting tools.

    3, electroplating diamond saw blade: is the powder of the cutting tools are attached to the substrate by electroplating method.

    (2) the classification of appearance

    1, the continuous edge of the saw blade: continuous sawtooth diamond saw blade, usually by sintering method is made, bronze bond is commonly used as a base material, carcass cutting must add water to ensure that when cutting effect, and useful laser cutting head cutting slot type.

    Type 2, saber saw blade, sawtooth disconnect, cutting speed, suitable for dry, wet two kinds of cutting methods.

    3, type turbine blades: combined with the advantages of 1, 2, in front of the two, sawtooth continuous uniform convex-concave shape of turbine, improves the cutting speed, increase the service life.

    Diamond saw blade, constant sharp pebbles saw blade, constant sharp concrete saw blade, king kong carved stone, diamond grooving, diamond cutting wall piece, cut pile, songshan pebbles saw blade, songshan concrete saw blade. Different materials to choose different kinds of diamond saw blade, different powder formula is suitable for the characteristics of different material, the quality of material products, the effect, the percent of pass and even direct the impact of the costs and benefits. The factors affecting the service life of diamond circular saw blade efficiency and cutting process parameters and such as granularity, concentration, binder hardness of the diamond. According to cutting parameters have saw wire speed, concentration of cutting and feed speed.


    (3) the diamond grain size

    The commonly used diamond grain size in the range of 30/35 ~ 60/80. The hard rock, should be selected with a fine granularity. Because under the condition of equal pressure, diamond thin more sharp, is conducive to cut into hard rock. In addition, the general requirement for cutting efficiency is high, the diameter of the saw blade should be selected with relatively coarse granularity, such as 30/40, 40/50; Small diameter of the saw blade cutting efficiency is low, requirements of rock cutting section is smooth, appropriate chooses a finer granularity, such as 50/60, 60/80.

    Concentration of the cutting tools

    Diamond concentration, refers to the distribution of the diamond in the working layer of tire body density (i.e., the weight of unit area contained within the diamond). "Specifications" rules, per cubic centimeter work tire body contains 4.4 carat diamond, the concentration of 100%, 3.3 carat diamond, the concentration of 75%. Volume concentration said agglomerate the diamond to volume how many, and regulation, when diamond volume accounted for a quarter of the total volume concentration of 100%. Increase is expected to extend the service life of saw blade, diamond concentration was reduced because of increasing concentration of each diamond grain average cutting force. But adding depth will increase the cost of saw blade, so there is a the most economic concentration, and the concentration Cheng cut rate increases.

    Binder of hardness of the cutting tools. In general, the higher hardness of the bond, its ability to resist wear and tear. As a result, when cutting abrasive large rocks, binder high hardness appropriate; When soft rock cutting material, binder hardness appropriate is low; When cutting abrasive and hard rock, binder hardness should be moderate.


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